About Us

CureU Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. is a government-registered body, that works under the guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. The company is highly focused on the patient gathering the right medical services and facilities the international patients in their traveling, accommodation, airfare, visa fees, food, and daily commute exclusively during their medical treatment. The company provides complete assistance to medical tourists from initial medical opinions to post-treatment check-ups.

We’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier and longer. 

Cure U Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading medical tourism company in that helps patients abroad seek quality and affordable medical treatment in India’s hospitals. Our company is managed by a highly experienced team of doctors and healthcare professionals who are counted among the medical services. Our company has earned the reputation of being the most renowned and one of the best medical tourism companies on behalf of our aggravate services to our Patients. 

Our Company Cure U Healthcare Services PVT. LTD. has been engaged in providing medical services and facilitating the satisfaction of patients coming from abroad like Iraq, Bangladesh, Oman, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Kenya, and other various countries in the Middle East, CIS countries, and African Countries. Our company assists people with their travel, logistics, Medical visas, and transportation for medical treatment. Hospitality towards the guest patients is our main motto to provide them high-class treatment during the course of their treatment from landing in India till the time they are given final send-off.

Each time a patient finds the right doctor, we build a healthier world

The company is based in Delhi-NCR Region. Our commitment is to assist overseas patients with the help of our dynamic and multilingual staff. We are committed to providing our overseas patients home like a caring atmosphere throughout their treatment. In hospitals, we also make efforts to help patients receive considerably lower costs and almost zero waiting periods.

The company has signed MOUs with over 60 leading hospitals in Indian Cities where at present more than thousands of patients from more than 15 countries are being served to their full satisfaction. Committed to the patient’s needs and make every effort to bring personalized relief to patients by

Discover world-class medical care and cultural wonders.

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