Cost of Permanent Pacemaker Biventricular in India

This is the average cost of Permanent Pacemaker Biventricular in top ranked hospitals in India . It may vary from person to person, depending on patient’s condition – like age, diabeties, hypertension etc.

Permanent Pacemaker Biventricular Cost in India

Country Cost
India $ 11,800
SA $ 33,500
Thailand $ 12,500

Does the given cost include everything, accommodation food etc.? 
The food and accommodation is not included in the cost provided. We would help you find a suitable accommodation that would fit in your budget in a decent place which would be close to the hospital.

Material used for implant and its cost? Will it be included or extra?
The biventricular pacemaker or the CRT pacing device is an electronic device which is implanted under the skin surgically. The pacemaker’s cost adds up to the surgery’s cost.

  • The pacemaker implantation costs around 3000 USD.
  • The cost of pacemaker ranges from 5000-9500 USD.
  • And 500 USD for miscellaneous.

Do you need to pay the amount before coming to India?
The patient can even pay the amount before the surgery in India or the amount can be transferred before coming to India.

Ways to reduce the cost of the treatment?
The accommodation can be made from single bed to double or more beds sharing.