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About Dr. Tarun Sharma

Dr. Tarun Sharma is currently serving as a Chief of Spine Surgeon at QRG Hospital. Dr. Tarun Sharma is a very well-known spine and brain surgeon. He has trained from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research-P.G.I. Chandigarh in 2008 and further taken a fellow ship from Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada in Neuro-oncology and Pediatric Neurosurgery, where he also managed the department of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

He is one of the first neurosurgeon to do Awake Craniotomy for resection of brain tumors. He has an Over fifteen thousand brain & spine surgeries. Dr. Tarun has an interest in awake craniotomy for brain tumors, endoscopic neurosurgery & minimally invasive spine surgery techniques.

He has off late established himself as a surgeon for complex spinal traumas. He has been helping patients surgically to recover from spinal fractures that they may have acquired as a result of any trauma such as falls, road accidents or accidental spine damage. Spinal Traumas can make a person immobile and can hamper his day to day life. Treating spinal traumas need special training and understanding of nerves and nerves systems. Dr. Tarun Sharma has a special insight about such situations given his neurosurgery training. Kyphoplasty a surgery for spinal fractures is something that he is doing on an everyday basis. Kyphoplasty is surgery for correction of spinal fractures.

Dr. Tarun Sharma’s Qualifications

M.S., Mch. Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery

Fellowship in skull base & endoscopic neurosurgery- university of Toronto (Canada)

Dr. Tarun Sharma’s Memberships

Member of the Neurological Society of India, the Indian Medical Association, the Association of Surgeons of India and the Delhi Medical Council.

Dr. Tarun Sharma’s Speciality

  • Microdiscectomy,
  • Anterior/ Posterior Decompression and Instrumentation
  • Minimal invasive spinal fusions
  • Artificial disc replacements and deformity correction in Cervical
  • Thoracic and lumbar spine in a wide array of Congenital
  • Degenerative, Neoplastic, and Traumatic conditions of the spine.

Dr. Tarun Sharma’s Research and Publications

  • Calvarial Lymphoma
  • Bifrontal extradural hematoma a rare complication of VP shunt surgery; Child’s Nervous System2013,14(6)900-902,
  • Ruptured giant aneurysm with totally avascular angiogram case report and review of literature; Neurology India; 2013;61(4) 310-31
  • Post traumatic occipito – cervical pseudomeningocoele without any bony injury – Clinical neurology and neurosurgery ; 2014,120, 20-22
  • Unusual case of type 2 Arnold chiari malformation Child’s Nervous System 2014;82,820-22

Dr. Tarun Sharma’s Awards, Achievements and Honors

He is the first neurosurgeon in the Faridabad region to implement the technique of Awake Craniotomy for resection of brain tumors.

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