Kidney Transplant Cost in India

This is the average cost of Kidney Transplant in top ranked hospitals in India. It may vary from person to person, depending on patient’s condition – like age, diabeties, hypertension etc.

Kidney Transplant Cost in India

Country Cost
India $ 16,500
USA $67,200
Thailand $ 30,000

Does the given cost include everything, accommodation food etc.? 
The food and accommodation is not included in the cost provided. We would help you find a suitable accommodation that would fit in your budget in a decent place which would be close to the hospital.

How much time does it take to get approval from the panel for kidney Transplant?
If all the documents are ready to submit, then it would take a minimum of 7-10 days for the approval of the kidney transplant.
The panel can disapprove if the patient and donor’s relationship is not established. Or if the panel suspects buying of Kidney.

What are the documents required for Kidney Transplants panel approval?
Documents required for international patients for Organ Transplants

Part – I (Parents, Siblings, Children (above 18 yrs) Grandmother ) 

  1. Passport and VISA ( Medical Visa) donor, recipient and attendant
  2. Detailed Family tree Certified by national council/notarized by foreign ministry
  3. Birth certificate ( Donor & recipient)
  4. National ID cards ( Donor & recipient )
  5. NOC’s from donor immediate dependents affidavits/ Notarized foreign ministry
  6. Donor immediate relative should attend the Legal committee meting


  1. Donor passport size -8
  2. Recipients passport size -8
  3. Next to kin passport size 1
  4. Family group photograph 2 ( donor & recipient must be there )

Part – II, For spousal donor 

  1. Marriage photographs ( applicable for Spousal donor)
  2. Children birth certificates

Part –II, For second degree (Nephew, Niece, Aunty, Uncle, In Laws)

  1. Last 3 years bank statement and vocation details (employer letter if he / she is working)

Do you need to pay the amount before coming to India?
The patient can even pay the amount before the surgery in India or the amount can be transferred before coming to India.

Ways to reduce the cost of the treatment?
The accommodation can be made from single bed to double or more beds sharing.